Keeping the Body in Mind


Have you ever wondered how to “get out of your head”?
How to “live in the moment”?

*Keeping the Body in Mind*

Your body is your teacher: all you need are the keys to open the door
to its rich store of information.

When you listen to your body in a holistic way you learn to:
Manage pain better
Increase your energy
Love your body
Awaken your brain
Find words for emotions (emotional intelligence)
Develop your intuition

As a seasoned bodymind coach of 35 years, I offer a unique blend of techniques and teachings for your body and mind. As a musician with a hearing disability, I am sensitized to people who are dealing with physical limitations and reaching for more creativity in their lives. Whatever your heart’s desire or your body’s situation, using these techniques you can learn how to pay attention to sensations, thoughts, and feelings:

When your body is receiving healing touch
When you are giving yourself healing touch
When you are meditating
When you are doing a mindfulness or personal growth practice

Wisdom comes with experience. With the personalized exercises (keys) of The Magraw Method,
you will experience more harmony with your body, your thoughts, and your emotions.



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