Keeping the Body in Mind


Workshops and Courses

An experienced presenter, Kristi is always developing new ways of teaching
people the basics of body self-care. She believes that this is an important
life skill, one that is necessary to prevent pain and promote a good relationship
with your body.

The Body Basics Series

Learn simple useful information about the systems in your body:
Become more body literate
Better communicate your needs to Doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals
Learn how to sense tension
Learn effective self-massage.

Though everyone is welcome, this series was particularly designed for the non-professional. Each two-hour workshop includes the showing of a video and a booklet of the information presented.

The Psoas Connection

This workshop is about the psoas and related muscles. You will learn self-testing for strength and flexibility, self-massage, strengthening exercises, and how to change your attitudes and behaviours to benefit your psoas muscles.

Free your Shoulders

This workshop is about the muscles of the neck and shoulders. You will learn about acupuncture meridians connected to the shoulders, some of the causes of shoulder restrictions and exercises to free them.

Calming Anxiety

This workshop is about the mind/body habit of anxiety. Learn about physical and emotional causes of anxiety.
Learn exercises, self-massage techniques and self-talk to take charge of your stress responses.

Digestive Power

Learn how to take charge of your digestive processes. We will discuss organ function, Chinese medicine theories, emotional factors, basic anatomy and physiology. You will learn self-massage and basic dietary considerations.

Inflamation Reduction

In this workshop you will learn about inflammation processes in your body from the specific (injuries, infections) to the general (hormonal factors, poor circulation, chronic tension). Following the principles of cleansing, cooling and clearing you will learn acupressure points, dietary guides, water therapies, and techniques to transform emotions.

Longer Workshops and Courses

Chinese Five Element Self-Care: This workshop is about The Five Element system developed by the Chinese thousands of years ago. The Five Element system is the basis for acupuncture and very useful for understanding how to take care of your body. In an afternoon of exploring the energies of your body using the Chinese Five Element theory, Kristi will use visuals, movement, music and self-massage to help you understand Chi flow in the meridians of your body.

Supervision and training course An intensive small group course designed for massage therapists or counsellors. Kristi teaches techniques that span the body/mind connection and facilitates practitioners to take their work to the next level. Each course is designed around the participants’ skill levels and what they want to learn. Can be used for CEUs.

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